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Dead Man Falling

This Traitor Death
February 15, 2017
December 4, 2017

Dead Man Falling

A British secret agent entangled in a murder mystery at the dawn of the Cold War. Geneva 1950. Europe is recovering from a war that has changed the face of world diplomacy. A man is murdered and a secret treasure - a cache of diamonds worth millions – is stolen. The diamonds hold the key to a mystery that has reached the attention of British Intelligence. Johnny Fedora, a debonair British secret agent, is brought in to investigate.

Spy adventure placed on the historical background of Europe right after WWII. As Fedora slowly uncovers, the murder is entangled in an espionage plot, where nothing is what it seems. As he draws closer to the truth behind a series of mysterious deaths, he becomes the killer’s next target. His only escape: to climb the dangerous slopes of a virtually un-scalable mountain where every second counts.

“Desmond Cory seems to me to accomplish precisely what Fleming was aiming at. This is a sexy, colourful, glamorous story, written with finesse, economy, humour, and full and inventive plotting.”

New York Times

A FIRST-CLASS BRITISH MYSTERY &THRILLER: sophisticated, intelligent and gripping. Provocative and unpredictable, Dead Man Falling is a journey back in time to post-war Europe and to an age in espionage before the dawn of computers and high-tech. A tale of deception and murder, desire, seduction and betrayal that will keep you spellbound until its shattering climax.

Suspenseful action full of surprises and twists. Winner of the Sunday Times' Best Crime novel of the year, Desmond Cory delivers yet again a near-perfect mystery novel, written with intelligence and laced with wit, mystery and suspense.

Cory's writing style is fresh, intelligent and vivid. The book is an international classic and has been enjoyed for the past 60 years. I doubt if later spy novels in the 007 James Bond vein, will ever supercede this skillfully written work. The reader finds impeccable command of language, well-formulated plot and watertight subplots that do not slip secrecy, contributing authentic suspense value right through, to the end.

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“Johnny Fedora is the ‘thinking man’s James Bond’ who spends his life dealing with the cold-bloodiest bastards on this earth”.

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